On December 12, 2013 around 7:00 a.m. snow started falling in the Judean Hills of Israel. What I thought would be an extra day off for the weekend turned out to be the worst snowstorm in 120 years. Large areas of the country were shut down for travel, electricity was off for hours for some… days for others. With the shut off from the grid came shut off from heat, water, phone, and closures of grocery stores.

As people started tapping back into electricity and telling their stories, a reoccurring statement was made: ” I wasn’t prepared”. That’s how I decided to create this website with the goal to help us all be prepared for life off the grid. All the tools we need, from stories of what others have done in emergencies to DIY videos, are a part of  Prepped. 

One important goal of Prepped is to have fun and build a community of prepped people. The most important goal is to make sure we all can survive emergencies.


Serach Yael Ben Lev