August 13, 2014  By Serach Yael Ben Lev

Do you have the basics prepped in your home?

Most  people probably don’t think about missiles falling on their heads but here in Israel, we have had it as a part of the life of this nation of returned world refugees. So, you would think we would all be prepared for emergencies. But I, for one, have taken it lightly lately and not been a diligent Prepper. Sure there is some food stuff and a couple of bottles of bleach to purify water we can get from one of the natural mikvehs in the area (along with thousand of other people) but real prep? After a few years of diligence and no actual need for anything extensive I have become casual about the whole thing.

There are some basics that we should never be casual about. Here is a free download of the basics and may the day come soon that we will not have a need for these things! [wpdm_file id=9]

As always, to preppers in Israel and all over the world, happy prepping.

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