Published August 4, 2015

By Seach Yael Ben Lev

What is the saying? “Same thing different day”? For Jews the saying could be “Same thing different day, decade, century, or millennium. I wrote an article titled Stay Prepped – Don’t be phone alone┬áthat is a relevant today as it was a year ago. Here are a few more guidelines passed on to us from Israel Aid Mission.

swoman kicking man
Due to the recent wave of knife attacks, the Israel Aid Mission has issued the following guidelines for the Israeli public:
1) Be vigilant. Use profiling. Avoid individuals fitting the description of previous attackers. Attackers can be male or female. Watch for attempts to conceal weapons in jackets, bags and pockets.
2) Be alert. Don’t use headphones or a smartphone in public. These can distract you.
3) Be on-guard. Keep distance between yourself and strangers.
4) Be aggressive. If you find yourself being attacked at knife-point, immediately kick to the groin and RUN.
5) Be prepared. Carry pepper spray and learn how to use it from an expert.
6) Trust your instincts. If you see someone/something suspicious call the police immediately.

Pity. May Hashem finally take care of what we can’t seem to do ourselves and the day come SOON that we are not surrounded by those that want to kill us.

As always stay prepped in Israel and all around the prepper world!

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